Sunday, July 10, 2005

well, hello there.

Looks like it's been a while since I last updated. I left Naseeb on June 30. I didn't take any time off, and started at the new place (as CEO, and lead programmer, and gofer, and ...) the next day. Since it rained rather heavily that morning and my street was flooded, I didn't really get to the office until around 4pm, but I was still able to spend three or four hours there planning things. Setting up the new office is going slowly. We got the air conditioner set up last week, desks (salvaged from my business partner's former branch office in a horribly polluted part of town) on Monday. Chairs and random stuff (energy saver lights, powerstrips, etc) on Tuesday. Computer monitors on Wednesday (I splurged and bought 17" LCDs...unfortunately they don't have DVI ports). I was supposed to get DSL on Wednesday too, but the people never showed. They called up the next morning to tell me that since my building was connected to the local CO over fiber, they couldn't hook me up to their dslam on the CO end, and I needed a new phone connection. I got my UPSs, though. I go pick up my desktop computer on Monday, hopefully get the DSL problem solved by Wednesday. I should have a few design specs written by Friday. Still need: a microwave oven, a bookshelf or two, a mini-fridge, and a bottled water supply.

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