Saturday, January 10, 2015

manarat jeddah, january 2015

One of my brothers went to Saudi Arabia with his family for umrah a couple of weeks ago.  He was able to spend a few days visiting places in Jeddah -- places he hadn't seen since his last visit in 1995.

One of them was his (and my) old school, Manarat Jeddah.  I'm re-sharing his pictures below, with a guide to where they were taken.  You can find the campus on Google Maps, at the corner of Jabal Kudai and Jabal Dallah.  The school itself has moved to a different location.


Anonymous said...

Was this the school near Madinah Rd? Looks familiar but not sure, some more comments would be helpful :)

faried nawaz said...

Yes, just zoom out on the map link a couple of steps and you'll see Madinah Road to the left.

Adam said...

Oh my GOD, thanks for posting this!

I have been trying to locate this place for decades. This school was the worst nightmare of my early childhood. I was wondering for years, whether it was really that filthy a place, or whether it all just in my imagination.

I remember it looked like a Prison holding facility then. A lot of painful memories. It was the people that made it awful, not just the building. I was transferred from a modern, sophisticated Western school which respected its students to this racist, child-abusing, cesspool of f-tards in Grade 3. It was supposed to be an International School. There were a grand total of maybe 2 teachers that I remember fondly. Unfortunately, I stayed at the school till graduation.

I thought they had demolished the place completely when the school moved to the new boys location in '95.

Thanks so much. It's was needed.

zift said...

amazing post. straight from the armpit of my most horrible nightmares.. traumatized ghosts roam about this odd microcosm of the evil world where one learned how NOT to be. because misery loved company, a handful of inmates & flashing images of kicking arabic section butt at concrete football glory are my only fond memories..

Abbas Mandal said...

well it brings nostalgia.
thanks Farid.

Anonymous said...

Manarat has now changed their location and they are planning too move to another location too by 2020.,39.1886682,14z

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. Lovely memories of the secondary courtyard. As a 12 year old, that concrete yard looked huuuuge when we played soccer there. And table tennis right under the secondary class rooms next to the principle's office. Somehow everybody got a chance to make use of those tables during break time. Geography teacher Mr Abdulahameed Hall. English teacher Mr Lambeth. Principal Kamal. Etc etc .. Awesome memories from these pics.

If anyone knows an alumni wall for Manarat International Boys Jeddah, please post on here. Some good old friends I would like to look up.

Salim Madati (joined 5th grade in 1990 and left after 7th grade in 1992)

Anonymous said...

Are you Mueen Nawaz's brother? Apologies if I am intruding. If you are please pass on the following message: Birdie num num. I hope, as silly as the message sounds, that it will bring back happy memories and a smile.

Anonymous said...

I went to Manarat from the first grade all the way through my IGCSE in 95-96. I can't process whether these pictures bring back good or nightmarish memories. One thing is for certain, it was a s**thole of a school.

Sometimes I wish I can go back in time and have a do-over, right all the wrongs.

I am glad I left Saudi for good in 2007.