Wednesday, January 07, 2009

c is for cookie

<_ja> <_ja> yeah right <_ja> when you have to declare something isnt dead, isnt it kinda dead <self> james, you can run 9vx today! <_ja> i was actually considering it <_ja> any good? <self> works for me. <_ja> cool <_ja> i shall try it! <_ja> and follow your noble trailblazing example good sir! <self> if you have mercurial installed, i recommend grabbing vx32 instead <self> hg clone <self> build 9vx inside that <self> then you need <self> oh, yeah <self> and shove this in your ~/.Xdefaults: <self> 9vx.geometry: 1024x700 <self> or whatever <self> you don't need a separate drive, or partition or whatever. <self> the good news is (but don't tell anyone), you can write your code in emacs outside 9vx <_ja> hot! <self> the bad news is, you're still writing code in c. a variant of c, but c nonetheless. <_ja> oh god not C <_ja> do i have to <_ja> dealbreaker baby! <scottr> stop whining. it could be perl. or php. <_ja> k ok i remember now i kinda like C

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