Thursday, July 03, 2008

how did we ever go from the idea of dynabook to the reality that is vista?

Today's options:

  • laptop with XP: not really an option soon.
  • laptop with Vista: it sucks.
  • laptop with Linux: it sucks in different ways, plus you can't get drivers! and it eats your hard drive!
  • laptop with OS X: it probably sucks the least, but it's not cheap nor the best hardware. plus, your mom gets to learn what exec 2>&1 is!
  • laptop with NetBSD: even fewer drivers than Linux.


Anonymous said...

What about laptops that come pre-installed with Linux? They don't have drivers problem.

self said...

That limits your options somewhat. Also, it doesn't solve the other problems Linux has (you need more Unixy sysadmin skills than you do with OS X).