Tuesday, February 05, 2008

no insults , thx

<qmail-error> hi <qmail-error> i have an error regarding validrcptto db <qmail-error> i created a new user via command line <qmail-error> when i logged in <qmail-error> when i send a local mail from another account on the same domain ... it receives it and it's ok <qmail-error> sending is ok too <qmail-error> but when i send a domain to that account from hotmail <qmail-error> it can't receive it <self> why not? <qmail-error> when i looked at qmail-smtpd log <qmail-error> i found that it's not in the validrcptto database <qmail-error> i did #mkvalidrcptto <qmail-error> which generates the valid reciepients list <qmail-error> it don't include this account <qmail-error> any ideas ? <self> have you read the docs for validrcptto? <qmail-error> yes <qmail-error> but i don't know how to inject an account in the validrcptto database <self> is it http://qmail.jms1.net/scripts/mkvalidrcptto.shtml ? <qmail-error> yes <self> it says it'll ignore users with a uid of less than 500 or greater than 65000. what's the uid of the new user you created? <qmail-error> 0 <self> you're an idiot <qmail-error> no insults , thx <qmail-error> btw <qmail-error> all the accounts on this mailserver contains same uid and gid <qmail-error> which is 0 <qmail-error> and all found in /var/qmail/control/validrcptto.cdb <self> either you've hacked your mkvalidrcptto script, or you're confused about uids <self> i'm looking at the script: http://qmail.jms1.net/scripts/mkvalidrcptto <self> it clearly says <self> my $uid_min = 500 ; # ignore uid's lower than this <self> my $uid_max = 65000 ; # ignore uid's higher than this <self> also, qmail-local doesn't deliver to uid = 0 accounts <qmail-error> # any numeric uid's on the system which are lower than this will be ignored <qmail-error> # this way we don't create entries for root, bin, daemon, lp, news, uucp, <qmail-error> # and other non-used system users. <qmail-error> i took this from mkvalidrcptto <self> is 0 lower than 500? <qmail-error> yes <qmail-error> how to change his uid ? <T0aD> lol. <self> did you set up this mail server? <qmail-error> nop <self> that explains much. <qmail-error> i am administrating it after 4 ppl touched it <qmail-error> so it's all ducked =/ <UQlev> qmail-error: so you might be not the last one ;) <qmail-error> UQlev, who knows <qmail-error> but currently <qmail-error> i need to fix this critical situations <qmail-error> *situation <qmail-error> self... what do you suggest ? <self> perhaps one of the other four people has written a wrapper script to create accounts that will add the address to the validrcptto.cdb file <self> i suggest locating one of the earlier admins and talking to them

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