Tuesday, December 06, 2005

today's computer hardware hate

I got to work today, turned on the computer, did some stuff. After some time, I rebooted, and when it came back up, I couldn't boot off my hard drive. Either one, in fact (I have a Linux bootloader on one drive, and a Windows one on the other). I had a linux installer cd lying around (which has a rescue shell), and I booted off that and poked around the system. Everything was there, all the files and stuff. I just can't boot off the drives. Fortunately, I'd created a grub boot cd last week. I burned a cdrw, and booted off that. Now I'm back in Linuxland. The only unusual thing about my drives is that they're both SATA drives. Maybe I need a bios upgrade or something -- I've had rare problems with the bios recognizing the drives in the past, just nothing like this.

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