Thursday, December 22, 2005


[info] aldux! has joined #squeak <aldux[12:23]> hello <self[12:23]> hiya <aldux[12:23]> I new in squeak <aldux[12:23]> my language is spanish <aldux[12:23]> I get the latest <self[12:23]> soon your language will be squeak, my friend At this point, someone knocked on my office door. It was a tech who'd come over to repair my UPS. <aldux[12:24]> but the left click dont make nothing it normal ? <aldux[12:24]> 3.8 <aldux[12:25]> and the scape key do not anything <aldux[12:26]> is it normal ? <aldux[12:26]> was elimainated this option ? <aldux[12:26]> was eliminated this option ? <aldux[12:27]> heloo !! <aldux[12:27]> hello !! <aldux[12:27]> hello !! <aldux[12:28]> anybody answer ? <aldux[12:28]> do anybody answer ? <aldux[12:29]> ?? <aldux[12:30]> thanks...IS THIS THE IDEA OF SHARE LINUX ??? <aldux[12:30]> thanks...IS THIS THE IDEA OF SHARE LINUX ??? <aldux[12:32]> CHAO RECHUCHAS DE SUS MADRES <aldux[12:33]> ALGUIEN LO ENTENDIO ?? <efc![12:36]> moo <aldux[12:36]> hola <self[12:40]> sorry, someone was at the door <aldux[12:40]> what ? <self[12:40]> left click inside squeak? <self[12:40]> when you click in a window? <self[12:40]> or on the squeak "desktop"? <self[12:41]> it should show you a menu when you click on the background No response.

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