Thursday, October 06, 2005

command-line flickr uploader

Chris was looking for a tool to upload images to his flickr, so I hacked (and I do mean hacked — the code was written under time pressure and looks terrible) together a simple app for him.

If you're going to do a bulk upload, I recommend using the '-p 0 -T uploaded' options to tag your images and make them private. That way you can easily select and edit them without them showing up in your RSS feed until they're ready for viewing.

Why did I write this? When I found the flickr API page, I saw two new links near the top: one on authentication, and one on uploading pictures. I clicked on them, and followed links on those pages and the provided examples to write my code. Only after I'd finished writing my code did I scroll down the API page ("let's see what else I can do with their API...") and found third-party Python libraries. I could've saved myself a lot of time if I'd known of their existence...argh.

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Sarah said...

i thought i would leave you a comment seeing as though no one else has for some time.

Keep up the good hacking work!