Thursday, August 25, 2005


<jim> oh yay the backup i come in to 'babysit' is done <jim> Thu Aug 25 06:14:56 PDT 2005 <jim> boss: i dont want you to bother with backups anymores <jim> me: but um you do realise a multimilliondollar revenue database is at risk then right <jim> boss: cant you hear? <self> did you get it in writing? <jim> me to boss's boss: could you sign this paper for me saying i told you the boss told me to not make backups nomores? <jim> boss's boss: *nervous laff* ummm whats it FOR??? <jim> me: my files <jim> boss's boss: ummmmm i dont wanna <jim> me: ok so you refuse to sign it? <jim> boss's boss: *signs it* <jim> (300 seconds pass): *pager* 'pls come to my office - boss' <jim> boss: oh you care so much about backups you can conme in twice a week to babysit them them <jim> yeah get everything in writing

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