Thursday, May 05, 2005

news aggregators on OS X

I've tried NewsFire, NewsMac, NewsMacPro, and Shrook. I don't like NewsFire's two-pane look. NewsMac almost wins, but it's such a pain dealing with its built-in categories that I gave up pretty early. NewsMacPro has a horrible UI. Shrook appears to be the best of the lot, though it doesn't seem to display item categories. I haven't tried NetNewsWire yet. I looked over their feature list earlier today, and it seems that the current releases don't even have feed item persistence! If an item ages out of a feed, it's gone forever. NNW 2 will have persistence, but not for the free version. Bottomfeeder loses because it's big and slows down after you install updates. It's also a memory hog. Unfortunately, it really is the best news aggregator I've used so far, on any platform. A friend reminded me that gnus has RSS support now. I should try it out.

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